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From 3rd to 4th May, the 2nd Flight School Headmaster Working Committee was held at the China Civil Aviation Flight Academy by China AOPA. The conference is exclusively sponsored by Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. The representatives from the Southwest Civil Aviation Administration, Sichuan Civil Aviation Authority, airline companies and headmaster of 141 department flight school discussed about strengthen pilot training and cooperation between flight schools. alt

The General Secretary of AOPA, Zhang Feng said China AOPA Flight School Headmaster Working Committee is the alliance of 141 department flight school which aims to study, discuss and solve the problems in flight school development and improve the flight training quality and safety. China Flight School serves as the President of the Flight School Headmaster Working Committee, which will give full play to all the members’ advantages, so that every member can better service for the committee, for the pilot training industry, and jointly promote the development of civil aviation. alt

Zhang Feng

Guan Lixin, the Headmaster of Chinese Flight School said that for a long time, the school has given priority to the development of the behavior and safety awareness of flying school students, and established disciplines, systems and supervision and restraint mechanism for flying students’ stay at school through paramilitary management. In the future, China Flight School will work together with the Working Committe, to promote the good methods and experience of all flight schools, and develop the construction of student’s behavior and safety awareness, by which to provide high-quality talents for the safe development of civil aviation industry. alt

Guan Lixin


Li Yongjun

Song Jin, the chairman of Hu Bei Wei Lan Flight school did a report about the working committee. Song said there are 22 141flight schools in China, and now the 13 of which the headmaster is a member of the Headmaster's committee. This year, QingdaoJjiutian International Flight School Co., Ltd. Has just entered the member unit, which further strengthened the organizing force of the committee. Since the establishment of the Headmaster's committee, the secretariat has organized much research work, summarizing the problems encountered in the actual operation of various flight schools, such as airspace and airlines insufficient, limitations, high operating costs,etc. We will have in-depth exchange of views on these issues in this meeting and in our future work, to give full play to the advantages of various flight schools and jointly solve them.


Song Jin

Zhou Qiang, the representative of the Southwest Administration of Civil Aviation, said that since the establishment of the AOPA, an efficient and unimpeded communication platform has been set up between domestic schools, laying a solid foundation for exploring and establishing the daily code of conduct and standards for flight training and promoting safety and quality improvement. alt

Zhou Qiang

During the meeting, participants also exchanged in-depth views on quality management, cost control, safety management, fleet construction and maintenance management, as well as the development of the school.


Gong Quan (Headmaster of Fei Long Flight School)


Wen Xiaohang(Vice-President of China Airline Southwest branch)


Li Yibing

Li Zhangjun, the chairman of Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. shared and communicated with everyone on the theme of "Aircraft Team Construction of Flight School". He talked about the current situation of aircraft fleet in domestic flight schools, and took "ATP", the largest U.S. flight school, and "Flightsafety", the world's leading aviation training organization as examples. In the end, he also formally recommended the trainers of Piper Aircraft Company to everyone.


Don Li(Chairman and CEO of Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd)

China AOPA is a state-level industry association approved by the State Council in August 2004 and registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is also the only legal representative of international association of aircraft owners and pilots (IAOPA) in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan)

The President's Working Committee of Flight School was established in Shenzhen on 14th October, 2017. It aims to build a bridge between the CAAC and 141 flight schools, which will have a positive impact on the decision-making of CAAC, form a sound market competition, gradually establish an industry self-discipline mechanism, and at the same time create a good situation of resource sharing and efficiency multiplication of all schools.