The Chairman of Piper Air Inc. visited the headquarter of Fan-Mei Group for Cooperation Discussion


At 9 a.m. 31st May, Guy Altree, chairman of Piper Aircraft Inc., one of the world's top GA manufacturers, with his team visited the headquarter of Sichuan Fan-Mei Education Investment Group in Sichuan province, where the two sides held in-depth discussions on further strengthening cooperation.

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At the conference, Mr. Wei, chairman and President of Sichuan Fan-Mei Education Investment Group, explained the development history, educational strength and development direction of Fan-Mei group. He pointed out that Piper cooperate with Fan-Mei group will increase the Piper aircraft ownership in the global market, as well as improve the comprehensive strength and influence. He hopes piper will speed up production line construction in China, and in terms of technology development and the way of cooperation and innovation, the localization of piper aircraft manufacturing, which will take advantage of the development in Chinese market. alt

Fan-Mei group is willing to cooperate with Piper to carry out all-round and deep cooperation in the manufacturing, sales, maintenance and maintenance of general aviation, pilot training and other fields, so as to promote the great development of China's general aviation industry. Mr. Wei also gave advice on piper's expansion in greater China.


Guy Altree, chairman of Piper Air Inc., and his team highly praised and affirmed the British architectural style, strong educational strength and advanced educational philosophy of Fan-Mei. He said that the powerful strength of Fan-Mei group and the advantageous products of Piper will be the cornerstone of accelerating Piper's successful occupation of the Chinese market, and will quickly realize the landing construction of piper's aircraft production line in China. He believes that piper will make Fan-Mei stronger and he is looking forward to share the Chinese market with Fan-Mei. alt alt alt

Piper is the second largest general aviation company in the United States. It is a leading global manufacturer of general aviation and a member of the world association of general aviation manufacturers (GAMA). It has the largest share of the international flight training market. The founder, William Piper, is known as the "ford of aviation". His idea is that everyone can fly a plane, which is in line with the idea of "free flight of Fan-Mei" advocated by Mr. Wei Quanbing, chairman of Fan-Mei Education Group. With the deepening of bilateral cooperation, Fan-Mei’s GA industry will further expand, and Fan-Mei group will set up a new benchmark for China's general aviation industry and lead the development of the general aviation industry. alt

Currently, Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship with Piper and become the exclusive dealer of piper aircraft in China, selling six world-leading trainer and high-end private business jet,, including PA-28, PA-44, PA-34, M-350, M-500 and M-600, etc. alt