The First Piper Aircraft Maintenance Center in China



Recently, the China Civil Aviation Flight Institute, Aircraft maintenance factory (hereinafter referred to as the "factory"), the Piper Aircraft Inc., and Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co.,Ltd (Piper Aircraft exclusive dealer in greater China, hereinafter referred to as “Fan-Mei”) held Piper Aircraft Maintenance Center's opening ceremony at Guanghan. So far, the factory has become the first piper aircraft maintenance center in China.

On the same day, Mr. Guy Altree, chairman of Piper Air Inc., and his team inspected the maintenance factory and visited various production workshops. In particular, they highly praised and confirmed the experience and maintenance ability of the factory in recent years. He said that piper and Fan-Mei jointly authorized the factory as the largest aircraft maintenance center in China, which will lay a solid foundation for the future cooperation between the three parties. alt

During the following conference, Yan Chenghong, the director of the flight school maintenance factory extended a warm welcome to Piper and Fan-Mei. Yan said the factory has more than 10 years of experience in maintaining piper PA-44 aircraft and has been working smoothly with piper. Been authorized as maintenance center of piper aircraft, the factory will greatly improve the maintenance capability of the aircraft and provide maintenance support for other domestic PA-28 and PA-44 aircraft users. alt

With the continuous growth and development of China's general aviation industry, Piper is accelerating the improvement of its domestic after-sales service system. As the exclusive dealer in the greater China for Piper aircraft, Fna-Mei will take this officially authorized cooperation as an opportunity to cooperate with the flight school maintenance factory to provide comprehensive and high-quality after-sales service and maintenance guarantee for the vast number of Chinese users of Piper aircraft. alt

Since 1st January, 2018, Sichuan Fan-Mei Aviation Technologies Co., Ltd. has established a comprehensive and formal cooperative relationship with Piper and become the exclusive dealer of Piper aircraft in China and be responsible for the sales of six world-leading trainer and business jet, including PA-28, PA-44, PA-34, M-350, M-500 and M-600.